WyFy Events

WyFy Events has a dedicated team that produces events ranging from charity events to sporting events.  The goal of WyFy Events is to create a production that is second to none and our production team pours their heart into every event we host.  We currently partner with a number of large corporations, including Edem Visuals.

The events we participate in are where we make the most impact. Every event needs theme music and every performer needs an audience.  Our artists understand that music brings people together, inspires solidarity, sharing and creative expression. Our artists are excited about the music they create and their music contributes to the cause. Our goal is to create opportunities for independent artists, bands and groups so that their music can be heard at events we produce.  

WyFy Entertainment currently hosts events for the 27 Reasons Foundation, Glory Day 4 on 4 and Symposiums Sports Management.

Glory Days
27 reasons


To inquire about performance opportunities, please contact us at: info@wyfyentertainment.com