Giving back to the community is a concept that is embedded in WyFy Entertainment’s culture and is embraced by our artists. All of our artists are united through giving back to their respective communities. We challenge our artists to select a cause that is representative of what they care about most and together we take steps to drive that initiative and ultimately make positive contributions to the community. Our artists get the opportunity to directly impact the communities in which they are from and WyFy Entertainment provides them with the platform to make significant contributions to their communities. Our focus at WyFy is to encourage our artists to be passionate about their beliefs and causes they stand behind. Our goal is to make a positive impact on the world through music and by partnering with local community organizations that encourage and uplift our youth by establishing new opportunities for them.  

Through music we are able to touch lives and by collaborating with our community partners, we are able to lend a hand and reach people in meaningful ways to help improve our communities. WyFy Entertainment believes in giving back locally and nationally from food drives to various charity events.  We support the goals that are implemented by our artists, whether it is building music centers for our youth or creating music programs in juvenile systems. Music and arts education programs are a big priority for WyFy Entertainment because we understand that through music and art we can build the next generation of creative thinkers, musicians, writers and artists.

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