About WyFy Entertaiment


Founded in 2014, WyFy Entertainment is a full-scale independent music label. One of our goals is to cultivate an atmosphere of active diversity through the production of authentic music and by creating a positive community that is supportive of musicians and artists. We celebrate current artists as well as those who have helped pave the way and inspire a new generation of artists.

President David Macklin is a former 10-year NFL veteran with a lifelong passion and love for music. Macklin first discovered artist M.U.T.O. in 2004 after meeting him at a studio session in Newport News, VA. At that time, Macklin collaborated and laid down vocals tracks with a well-known artist named, Young Vig. The title of the track they collaborated on is called, “Piling Up My Paper”. Young Vig went on to change his name to M.U.T.O. (Man Up & Take Over), which both he and Macklin thought was a more authentic representation of who he was. Man Up & Take Over perfectly describes the thought process and inspiration behind their collaboration.

Throughout the years that he played in the NFL, Macklin remained committed to this venture and he stayed in touch with M.U.T.O., receiving updates on the progress of his music. Macklin soon began managing M.U.T.O.’s career and they became close friends, bonding over their shared commitment of ensuring the success of WyFy Entertainment. Driven by a passion for music and through many years of hard work; WyFy Entertainment has become a reality. M.U.T.O. is one of the most talented hip hop/rap artists to come out of Newport News, Virginia and WyFy Entertainment is excited to release his new music.

We also welcome new artists to upload their own music to our site through our PUBLIC Opinion feature. We are committed to promoting a positive environment and we ask new artists to focus on positivity when posting comments and to help us create a strong community that is supportive of musicians and artists.

WyFy Music

WyFy Entertainment is a full-scale independent music label with a strong division of label services that include A&R, artist development, music management, press coverage, radio promotion, securing feature placements, advertising, streaming marketing, publicity, brand partnerships, digital marketing and creative services. We represent all genres of music including hip hop/rap, rock & roll, pop and gospel.

WyFy Entertainment aims to bridge the gap between artists and fans. Our goal is to help new artists break into the music industry. We offer a unique and independent approach; one that is centered on positivity and promotes an environment that is conducive to artists creating their best music. We empower our artists to think at a higher level, one that provides inspiration and encourages them to be the change they want to see in the world, through music. A passion for music is what brings artists to WyFy Entertainment; who they choose to impact is up to them.

We take great pride in the development process and invite you to share your music with us by contacting WyFy Entertainment at: info@wyfyentertainment.com. Someone from our team will contact you with uplifting information.